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Bringing Asia Nearer to You

VIVIstock devotes to offer you the widest range of Asian-related imagery. This strong point distinguishes us from other photo libraries in the market. As designers based in Asia ourselves, many of our clients require us to use Asian elements, but the range of Asian-related images provided by photo libraries out there are limited. And as Asia is now where the global business action is escalating, we have stepped up to cater to its commercial and creative imagery needs.

Thus, we bring our focus to creating a stock library that offers a wide collection of all things Asian, because we want to help ease the search for Asian faces, celebrations, landmarks and others.

Sounds like we are only serving Asia, but that’s not true. Though we focus on a wider collection of Asian imageries, we also offer a rich array of royalty-free images from all over the world.

Let’s put it this way, we have what others offer plus MORE. We abound with what others lack, our imageries are affordable (they just look pricey because they come from industry professionals), and we have an extensive, spot-on relevant, and interesting mix of collection.

VIVIstock is available in the following languages:

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